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Hi, I'm Verl Johnson


I am on a mission to help people with beekeeping and to create affiliate marketing business online so they can generate consistent income and live life on their terms.


It's possible.


I started from nothing and was able to completely change my entire life through affiliate marketing and beekeeping, and I help others do the same - in record time!



This is my personal site where you can learn more about me, get good premium content on beekeeping, and ask me...

My Books On Amazon

Introducing a delightful collection of books for young readers! We are excited to present our latest creations, perfect for engaging and entertaining children of all ages.

First up, we have the "Summer Maze Book For Kids," a captivating adventure filled with twists, turns, and brain-teasing challenges. Let your little ones explore the sunny world of mazes, helping them develop problem-solving skills while having loads of fun.

Next, we offer the "Colouring Books For Kids," a fantastic way to unleash your child's creativity. Packed with captivating illustrations and vibrant scenes, these colouring books provide endless hours of artistic expression and imaginative play.

For the busy bees in your life, we present the "Honey Bee Composition Notebook." This notebook features a charming honey bee theme, making writing a joyous experience. With its high-quality paper and durable cover, it's the perfect companion for jotting down thoughts, stories, and ideas.

Last but not least, we have the "Mini Easter Maze Book." Celebrate the joyous season with this delightful little gem, packed with charming Easter-themed mazes. It's a wonderful way to keep young minds engaged and entertained during the festive period.

Discover these captivating books and provide your child with hours of entertainment, creativity, and learning. Foster their cognitive development, enhance their artistic skills, and let their imaginations soar.

Visit our Amazon store today and bring these delightful books into your child's world. Make learning and fun go hand in hand!


Explore our collection now on Amazon and embark on an exciting journey with our Summer Maze Book For Kids, Colouring Books For Kids, Honey Bee Composition Notebook, and Mini Easter Maze Book. Let your child's imagination thrive and make their learning experience unforgettable. Get your copies today and create endless moments of joy and discovery!

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